Statement on Feminist Practice

I consider myself a feminist in the most open and progressive sense as is possible.


Beginning with the fundamental belief in the ‘social, economic, and political equality of the sexes’ and incorporating intersectionality to acknowledge how different aspects of our identities overlap and contribute to experiences of discrimination and oppression in a variety of different ways. Similarly, I aim to challenge and highlight systemic racism, support trans rights, the spectrum of gender identities and sexualities, and sex workers' rights. I am constantly learning more about these issues as well as my understanding of neurodiversity.  

In our sessions, this means:

  • I aim to recognise the social / political context of your life and consider how this may contribute to experiences of distress.

  • I work on the basis of informed consent. We will discuss how we will work together before commencing therapeutic work and come to a mutual agreement on what our work should look like. From here, it is important for us to check in regularly and update any agreements we have made to ensure that we are working collaboratively.

  • Further to this, I am open about the difficulties that may lie ahead in our work together. Often, we begin to feel worse before we feel any better as we work with different feelings. This is not something that you will have to navigate alone.

  • Lastly, I am open to hearing about how you are experiencing our sessions. As a relational counsellor/ therapist, our relationship is an important aspect of our work. It is my intention to work with you. You are the expert on your life and yourself, and we are both human. There may be times when I am misinformed or make mistakes. Whilst I do not expect you to educate me, it is important to me that we can address any misunderstandings in our work together.