Who are you? What is happening in your life?

Over the past few years, I have developed an integrative counselling practice that is based upon making space for, and accepting all parts of my clients within the context of their lives.

Above everything, I aim to provide a Space to Be. This is a safe space to explore what makes you, you, what might be troubling you, what has happened, and what is happening in your life. I work from a non - pathologising perspective and prefer to use terms such as distress rather than disorder. Equally, you may just be looking to find out more about yourself. 

If you wish, I am able to work creatively with you which can expand the concept of 'talking therapy' and can often help to express thoughts and feelings that you may be unaware of, or that may be too difficult to express verbally.*

Lastly, I work with the idea that the relationship between you and myself is an important aspect of the work and encourage feedback throughout our work together.

Statement on feminist practice


*I am not a qualified arts therapist, though I am able to work creatively and have some experience in creative arts. 

Whilst I work with a range of different people, I specialise in working with people with experiences of: